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Proyecto de Reparcelación

They are technical and legal documents that deliver each plot resulting from urban planning (and complying its subsequent rules) to area-to-develop owners (land owners receive quantity of plots in proportion to the land provided).

The delivery is performed following that rule: any land owner is to receive same “aprovechamiento urbanistico” or “aprovechamiento tipo” (by means, the economic value of the whole area-to-develop). For example, 1 square metre of residential-chalet plot does not have the same value than 1 square metre of industrial-warehouse plot, so you have to weigh up those values, calculate them, and homogenize setting an “economic value” of each square metre of the area-to-develop. In the aforementioned example, taking that 1 square metre of residential-chalet plot is equivalent to 0,6 square metres of industrial-warehouse plot, if both land owners have provided same ground, and are entitled to receive same plot quantity, we will deliver 600 residential-chalet plot square metres to land owner A (for example) and 1000 industrial-warehouse plot square metres to land owner B (for example). This is a very basic and simplistic example, but could be an approach to catch the idea that the “Proyectos de Reparcelación” do not deliver plots according to buildability rate, but to economic value of this buildability and future urban use (called, one more time, “aprovechamiento urbanístico” or “aprovechamiento tipo”).

Like General Plans is raised up as the main urban planning tool, “Proyectos de Reparcelación” represent the essential urban management act, because they are the consolidation of the most characteristic feature of the spanish urbanism system: fair delivery of all charges and benefits produced by any urban development.

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